General Questions for BK Shivani, Rajyoga course

General questions about Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani, for Rajyoga course at BK centre and events organised for Spiritual lectures.

Original Question

Hi I’m a medical student. I wamted to attend the workshops on rajyoga. Also want to attend lectures by bk shivani, inspired by her. How can I write to the organisation and join. Also no events are organised in bombay. I live in bombay and want to attend sister shivani’s lecture.

Our Response

Dear Divine Brother/Sister
Your letter is received and read. You wish to ask for few things.

1. RajYog course: As you may know, you can easily visit ANY centre to take the 7 days Raja Yog course. Centre locator:

2. Lectures by Sister Shivani: You can listen or watch all the classes and public lectures available on internet. Here are 2 main links for this:

Audio lectures:
If you want to attend events (live), visit

3. How to Join Brahma Kumaris : Guidelines are given here:

4. Lecture events of BK Shivani:

Search ANYTHING you want on


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