Complaint of a Sister at centre, and our Response

We received a complaint for a regional centre’s in-charge sisters, that they demand money for facilities that they themselves need or to arrange visits to madhuban.

Original email

Dear concern
This is for your kind information that my mother used to go in local om shanti center in near by area from last 1yr, and feel like those Didi’s are available in the center ,force almost everyone to give more then required money to them for going to mount Abu or any near by City like they are going to gurgaon tomorrow i.e. 20/9/2018 for janki Dadi satsang, they almost made my mother cry for not agreeing to give dakshina amount of RS. 500 exactly in addition to convince, and daily they make people feel insulted by any of the reasons.
I just want to know is it necessary Everytime to give dakshina exactly you want, is this thing is in policy of bharma kumaris?
I will let you know the complete address once get any revert.

Our Response and guidance

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

Your letter is received by us.

No, it is not permitted by Shiv baba to demand money, not even a single rupee for any cause. It is law within our family of Brahma Kumari and Kumar, to arrange money for service by ourself. We never should ask anyone from outside for money. They may give a room for daily murli class.

Money should not be asked. But if those sisters at any centre are doing this, they are doing a GREAT disservice in Yagya. They are unaware that God has come. They should and will be punished.

Baba is seeing everything. Give the address of the local centre.

You wish to know more, please read the History page to know the complete history and hence you wil know the truth and the life of a true Brahma Kumari:

Please read and listen the audios also.

If you have any question, visit FAQ page:

OR search on

Waiting for your response

In World Fatherly Godly Service

Further Conversation

Respected concern
Om shanti
BK Sunita is her name from sector-15 centre sonepat, Haryana.04 old and middle age people left going in centre after that janki Dadi concern in gurgaon only because of the sister sunita and her pathetic behavior towards people, someone come today in evening murli time to my mother at my place and she literally cried that she want to go at the centre but she will not go only because of her extremely rude behavior towards people.
Hoping for the required action and kindly not share my mail I’d or name against same

Second response

Understand this. May be you are right about. Know that there are very very few complaints like this. Because mostly we know that all surrendered sisters (or say most of them) are selflessly serving.
But yet, it is certainly possible that such a wrong person may have entered the centre who is going against the Shrimat.

But you HAVE TO give evidence of this. Make a small video of BK Sunita when you go and meet at the centre. Go in the evening time. Please do this. Proof is must. Yes, baba knows. But we human souls do not know and need proof. You are the medium

Will you send a video as proof?

See how sisters do services:

2nd: As said, you do not need to visit centres. Science has given a device (mobile phone) in which at present, there are MANY ways to listen Gyan murli.

1. Website for murli:
2. YouTube channel:
3. Mobile Apps:


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