Law of Karma for Animal’s Souls

How does an Animal soul follow the Law of Karma? How does it get decided -Happy or struggle life? -Revelation on the life of souls of animals and birds, upon how their life is lived.
Question was asked by P V Laxmi on 27 Aug 2018.

Original Question

Why some animals get comfortable living while some have a very difficult one, for example some stray dogs r not getting food and comfort properly whereas some livs in comfortable houses , get good food and luxury .How can we judge there karmic account when they have no proper brain to think like human beings. what and how does the karmic account work in animals?.

Our Response

To: Laxmi (and everyone reading)
Dear Sister/Brother

Your letter was received and read. Here is the explanation.
Your thinking is right in terms that animal’s soul is not got the property of ”Intellect” (buddhi) to think and decide . They only do what other animals do. They grow up, eat, sleep and give birth.

HOW IS LIFE of animals decided?

Answer: Every soul of animal and bird, will get happiness (a good birth at a good place or environment) for half the lifetime and other half births in sorrow (struggle). For example, if a soul of dog have to take 2 births , then 1 birth it will have in a good place and may be somebody adopts the dog and the dog gets to live at a palace. The other birth will then be at streets, etc. The first birth is the best birth . This is universal law – for all beings.

Hope your question is answered.

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