Giving Up Addiction – Advice and Guidance

Giving up addiction is a matter of simple understanding, which is achieved by Self realization (who am I). Nowadays, many are suffering from this addiction, either of smoking, drinking, etc. Addiction is just a temporary feeling of detachment from sorrow, which later causes more sorrow both physical and mental. Hence it is important for them to realize what life is, what is the true happiness of life, how can this precious life be lived.
So here is a story of someone who emailed us about his son who was suffering from addiction, asking for help and advice.

Original Question

Respected sister
I have a son who’s age is about 32 yrs but his doings are just like a boy of 18 yrs. He use to drink wine every day and do nothing even he discontinued to go office where he doing job . He use to quarrel with his mom when he is drunk . I tried to correct his wrong doing with friendly manner but in vain. Pl suggest me how make him correct.
Your sincerely

Our Response + Guidance

TO: Everyone reading this
Dear Divine Brother/Sister

Your letter is received and read. You wish advice for someone who is addicted to something bad.

Try and make him watch the Awakening episodes I am sending you on ”Overcoming Addiction”. This episodes are enough to guide anyone who is suffering from such addiction, provided they wish to change themself.

Awakening episodes on ”Giving up Addiction” ->
Going Beyond Habits ->

Next, with your son, visit the nearest center of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariy Vishwa Vidhyalay. There, they will guide you in this. The environment is divine and pure, which will help him to understand what he is missing and how life should be lived – and what is true (real) happiness of life. As he will start visiting the centre, the attraction towards addiction will gradually end. This way a transformation will occur.
Let your son to visit the center regularly (2 or 3 times a week).

Second: When you go to the center, ask the brother or sister for 7 days RajYog course. This is for your whole family. Do visit together.
While, you can also continue the 7 days course online also. (follow the link)

Third: When you have taken the basic 7 days course, then you will know What is Murli and you can start listening Murli regularly. Murli website.

Also practice early morning meditation. Here are resources to help you progress in your spiritual life.

Resources will help in encouraging you and guide you towards a spiritual life.

* Vyasan Mukti section:

Good wishes and hope you will follow the given guidance

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