Today’s Murli 30 Jan 2019 in English

30/01/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you are Raj Rishis. You have to make effort to attain a kingdom, and, together with that, you also definitely have to imbibe divine virtues.

What effort do you have to make in order to become an elevated human being? To what do you need to pay a lot of attention?

If you want to become an elevated human being, never sulk with your study. Fighting and quarreling have no connection with studying. Those who study will become lords. Therefore, you should always be concerned about your progress. You need to pay a lot of attention to your behaviour. You have to become like deities and so your behaviour has to be royal. You have to become very sweet. Let only words that everyone finds sweet and that don’t cause sorrow for anyone emerge from your lips.

Om Shanti

The Father explains to you sweetest, spiritual children and asks you: Where are your intellects focused? The intellects of human beings wander, sometimes to one place, sometimes somewhere else. The Father explains: Your intellects should stop wandering. Focus your intellects on one thing. Only remember the unlimited Father. You spiritual children know that the whole world is now tamopradhan. Souls were satopradhan according to the efforts they had made and have now become tamopradhan. The Father says: You have to become satopradhan. Therefore, connect your intellects to the Father. You now have to return home. No one else knows that they have to return home. No one else would receive the direction: Children, remember Me, your Father. The Father explains such easy things to you. Simply remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. No one else can explain in this way. Only the Father explains this. The one whom He has entered also hears Him. The Father gives the best directions for becoming pure from impure and for following those directions. Baba says: Children, you were satopradhan and you now have to become that again. You belonged to the original eternal deity religion, you then took 84 births and have now become like shells. You were like diamonds and you have to become like that once again. Baba tells you something very simple: Consider yourselves to be souls. Souls now have to go back home. Bodies will not go back. You have to go back with the Father in happiness. Only by following the shrimat that the Father gives you will you become elevated. Pure souls will go to the incorporeal world and then, when they return, they will adopt new bodies. You have this faith. Therefore, you should just have this one concern. You also have to imbibe divine virtues so that there will be a lot of benefit. Students who study very well claim a high status. This too is a study. You study in the same way every cycle. The Father also teaches you in the same way every cycle. The time that passes is said to be the drama. The acts of the Father and the children continue according to the drama. The Father gives you accurate advice. Children say: Baba, we repeatedly forget You. Those are storms of Maya. Maya extinguishes your light. The Father is also called the Flame. He is called the Almighty Authority too. He tells you the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures. He is knowledge-full and explains to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world. Father Brahma says: I too explain to you children. The Father would say: I explain to you children, and Brahma is also included in this. There is no need to be confused about this. This is very easy Raj Yoga. You are Raj Rishis. Pure souls are called rishis. There cannot be any rishis like you. The soul, not the body, is called a rishi. The soul is a rishi, a Raj Rishi. Where do you claim your kingdom from? From the Father. So you children should be so happy. We are claiming our fortune of the kingdom from Shiv Baba. The Father has reminded you: You were the masters of the world and you then continued to come down while taking rebirth. There are the images of the deities. People think that a light merged into the Light. The Father has explained to you: Not a single human being merges into the Light. No one can attain liberation or liberation-in-life. So, throughout the whole day, you children should have these thoughts inside you. The more you stay in remembrance, the more happiness you will experience. Look who is teaching you! They even call Krishna, Lord Krishna. God would never be called Lord. He is only called God, the Father. He is Heavenly God, the Father. It touches your hearts that He is Heavenly God, the Father, who is establishing the deity kingdom. In the golden age, there were no other religions. There are the images of these deities. They are called the original, eternal deities; they were the masters of the world. They are called golden aged and you are confluence aged. You know that Baba is making you righteous. You continue to become righteous. Those who are vicious are called unrighteous. “Unrighteous” means not a single step is right. Those deities are pure. They are shown with the light of purity. They descend from Shivalaya and come into the brothel. Those who are new here cannot understand these things until you give them the Father’s introduction very clearly, that He is Heavenly God, the Father. There are the two words: heaven and hell, happiness and sorrow, heaven and hell. You know that there was happiness in Bharat and that there is now sorrow. The Father comes and gives you happiness. The time of sorrow is now to end. The Father brings the gift of happiness for you children. He gives happiness to everyone and this is why everyone prays to Him. Even sannyasis etc. do tapasya. They too definitely have one desire or another. There are no such things in the golden age. There is no one of any other religion there. You are now making effort to go to the new world. You know that that is the land of happiness, the other is the land of peace and this is the land of sorrow. You are now at the confluence age. You are making effort to become elevated human beings. You have to make effort very well. You must never sulk with the study. If you don’t get on with someone, you mustn’t stop studying. Fighting and quarrelling have no connection with studying. Those who study will become lords. If you fight and quarrel, how would you become lords? When you do that, your behaviour becomes tamopradhan. Each one of you has to be concerned about your own progress. The Father says: O souls, remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. You also have to imbibe divine virtues. If you want to become like Lakshmi or Narayan, understand that it was the Father who made them become like that. The Father says: You were the ones who ruled that kingdom. You are the ones who now have to become like them again. The Father teaches you Raja Yoga at the confluence age. You become this every cycle. It isn’t that the iron age will continue all the time. After the iron age, there is the golden age. This cycle definitely continues to turn. There were few people in the golden age, and so there will now definitely have to be few people again. These matters are easy to understand. Baba is telling you the story of the past. It is a short story. In fact, it is long, but it is short to understand. There is the secret of 84 births. Previously, you too did not know this. You now understand that you are studying. This is the study of the confluence age. The drama has now been around the cycle. It will then begin again with the golden age. This old world has to change. The iron-aged forest will end and there will then be the golden-aged garden of flowers. Those who have divine virtues are said to be flowers. Those who have devilish traits are said to be thorns. You have to check to see that there are no defects in you. We are now becoming worthy of becoming deities and so we definitely have to imbibe divine virtues. The Father comes as the Father, Teacher and Satguru and so you definitely have to reform your character. People say: Everyone’s character is spoilt. However, they also don’t know what a good character is. You can explain that the character of those deities was good. They never caused anyone sorrow. When someone’s behaviour is good, they say: That one is like a goddess; her words are so sweet! The Father says: I am making you into deities, and so you have to become very sweet. Divine virtues have to be imbibed. Whatever someone is, he would make you the same. All of you have to become teachers. The children of the Teacher are teachers. You are the Pandava Army. The duty of guides is to show everyone the path. Divine virtues have to be imbibed and you also have to live at home with your family. You can do service at home too. Those who come will be taught. There are many who open a Gita Pathshala at their place and continue to serve many. It isn’t that you have to come and sit here. This is very easy for kumaris. You can tour around for a couple of months and then return home. You don’t have to renounce your home and family. When your family calls you, you are not forbidden to go there. There is no question of any loss or weakness in this. In fact, there would be greater enthusiasm: I too have now become clever. I will make the members of my family the same as myself and bring them with me. There are many who live at home and do service and become very clever. The Father explains the main thing: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father. You have to benefit yourself. Those who live at home can make even better progress than those who live here. You are never forbidden to go home. You also have to benefit them. Those who have developed the habit of benefiting others cannot stay without doing service. If you have good knowledge and yoga, no one can be disrespectful to you. If there isn’t yoga, Maya slaps you. So, you definitely have to live at home and become as pure as a lotus. Baba gives you freedom: You may also live at home. How could everyone come and stay here? However many people come here, that many buildings have to be built for them. Whatever happened in the previous cycle will continue to repeat. The number of children will also continue to grow. Nothing is going to happen without the drama. All the wars that take place and all the people that die are fixed in the drama. Whatever has become the past will repeat. Whatever I have explained to you every cycle, I will explain the same things now. No matter what people think, I will play the same part that is fixed for Me. It cannot be any less or any more in the drama. Those who studied in the previous cycle are the ones who will study again. You continue to have visions of everyone’s activities as to how much everyone is studying and what status they will claim. If someone is doing good service and suddenly has an accident, he will go and take birth in a good home; he will remain very happy. To the extent that he has given happiness to others, accordingly he will also continue to receive that much happiness. This income is never lost. Where there is victory, there will be birth in the golden age. If you have given happiness to many, you will receive a golden spoon in the mouth. If there is less than that, it will be silver. If less than that, then copper. You understand, do you not, how much yoga you have? There will be kings, queens and subjects; all have to be created. If you don’t study well, if you don’t imbibe divine virtues, your status will be reduced. Your good and bad actions will definitely appear in front of you. Each of you souls knows to what extent you do service and what status you would receive if you were to leave your body now. You are now studying and reforming yourselves. Some even get spoilt and so it is said: It is not in their fortune. Baba is making you so elevated. No one should go empty-handed from the home of the Lord. The Lord is now personally in front of you. If you even speak a few words of knowledge to someone, that one will definitely become part of the subjects. Those of the deity religion continue to come even now. However, because they are now impure, they call themselves Hindus. You have this knowledge in your intellects just as Baba has. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. He tells you how this history and geography repeat. Teachers also know from how much the students are studying, with how many marks they will pass. Each one also knows this for himself. Some are weak in divine virtues, some are weak in yoga and some are weak in knowledge. Because of being weak, they fail. It isn’t that if they are weak in something today, they can’t become strong in that tomorrow; they can continue to gallop. If you yourself feel that you will fail in every subject, that so-and-so is cleverer than you, you can therefore study and become clever. If you have body consciousness, what would you be able to study? Make it very firm: I am a soul. The Father has reminded you. The Father says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. You will then also be able to imbibe divine virtues. Check your pulse as to what extent you have become worthy. You are now receiving the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. No one, apart from the Father, can teach you the knowledge of Raj Yoga. Children, continue to study this. Some children ask: How many Brahmins are there in our clan? How can we tell? They continue to come and go. New ones will now continue to emerge. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Make your character divine. Imbibe divine virtues and benefit yourself and everyone else. Give everyone happiness.

2. In order to become satopradhan, connect your intellect with the one Father. Don’t allow your intellect to wander. Become a teacher, the same as the Father, and show everyone the path.


May you be filled with the treasure of happiness and become a charitable soul who gives the donation of happiness to unhappy souls.
At this time, the world has sorrow at every moment whereas you have happiness at every moment. So, to give happiness to unhappy souls is the greatest charity of all. People of the world spend so much time and money to be happy, whereas you have easily received the treasure of imperishable happiness. Now, simply continue to share with others what you have received. To share it means to increase it. Let whoever comes into connection with you experience your having received some elevated attainment in which you have happiness.

An experienced soul can never be deceived by anything. Such a soul is always victorious.

Special effort to become equal to Father Brahma.
In order to make your stage unshakable and immovable, the same as Father Brahma’s, give regard to each one’s advice while staying in any atmosphere or environment. Never become confused on hearing anyone’s advice because those who are instruments are experienced. Even if any of their directions is not clear, do not come into upheaval. Gently tell them that you will try to understand it and then your stage will remain constant, steady, unshakable and immovable.

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