Lust is the our Greatest enemy, How to Overcome

How to overcome lust (body consciousness), the greatest enemy of human beings and the reason of all sorrow. Here is such email we received where we guided the soul to its original nature of purity and peace. There is much understanding needed for this. We are a Soul, not this body.

Original Question:

OM Shanti, I have seen a couple of programs of bk sister Shivani on television and you tube.I have been very inspired by her words. I have some marital problems that i need to resolve.I am married for the last 4 years but my relationship with my husband is not good at all. I am not happy with him both physically and mentally. We have no sex life and we hardly get intimated with each other. I have been experiencing this since our marriage. He doesn’t want to have a baby. I just don’t know what to do now. I really need your advise in this regard. Thanks.

Our Response

To: Anonymous
Dear ‘—‘

Surprise to get such letter on Brahma Kumari website which promotes the celibacy and purity or holiness in life. But it is our duty to respond all questions. So we will. Do read with clarity and patience to understand.

Not new, that today world (humanity) has been unaware of its true spiritual identity. That has caused the downfall of humanity in only about 50 years. Yourself see, before 50 years, India was very different. We had our moral values, family and responsibilities. They were living with peace with all religions. Most of us were very religious and our karma was much better from today.

Today, mainly because of science inventions (mobile, tv) peaceless-ness has come. Next: Undoubtedly the reason of ALL sorrow is the 1st enemy of ours (kaam – sex) . In Geeta also, God tells – this Kaam is your biggest enemy. We all are trying to conquer this enemy which is really powerful. It has covered the Soul consciousness – that I am a soul, not this body. This body is made of 5 elements of nature.

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May you get the right path soon. Also read this letter to your husband.


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