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Personal advice to resolve a family issue and misunderstandings. Our response to an email.

Original Question

Om Shanti. Hi I’m 25years old married based in Australia. I got married 4 years back in India and got married overseas. My husband is born and bought up in Australia and I live with my In-laws and my young sister in law who is 3 years younger than me. I always find hard living with my sister in law, when I came overseas she never talk to me. She never asked me if I need anything. I don’t know what sort of relationship I had with her. Its kind of confusing. I do not want to live to any of my in law incl my husband like how can he be so silence. Please sister help what should I do to bring my inside happiness back. I Can not live like this entire life as I have to stay with them but on their own terms.

Our Answer

To: Sabi (and everyone reading)
Dear Divine Sister

Your letter is received and read. You described in much detail, while there is no such problem seen anywhere.

1. Knowing you, it clearly seems, your life is much good in compare to many others. You should live happily. Why do you want to control everyone? They all are doing what they feel is right. If you are right, then why to worry? Truth reveals itself. No one needs to make efforts to reveal the truth. Be patient.

2. Your husband is mature enough. He is not indulging in such issue where he doesn’t know what is right to do. Instead of creating a debate in family, he decided to remain silent and also he believed you when you told him the truth, isn’t it? This is best – to remain in Silence. You should be instead very proud of and respect your husband.

3. Father in Law: You should behave and become very sweet and he will also forget the matters in short time. Try this: Wake up early in morning and serve him tea , etc. and give ‘prasad’ of temple.

4. Sister in Law: There is no issue. Is speaking with your sister in law – the aim of you life??

5. Family (general): You are in a nice family. They are well behaved, educated and responsible. You should ignore little little things. This is how we live life.

Your slogan for life:
”A wise person will make a mountain like problem into a small grain like. While a foolish person creates a mountain out of a little issue.”

Our Slogan: ”Never give sorrow. Never take sorrow.” – Be happy, give love and take blessings

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