Shrimat: Living with Family, Forgive and Love

Shrimat is to live a pure family life and becoming a Godly student. Here is one of a fine question asked by Rekha on 22 Aug 2018 on ‘How to forgive others and use of power to tolerate and power to accommodate while we live with family?’

Original question

Om Shanti my problem is I forgive people but still thoughts come due to their dumb behaviour .I have stopped giving importance to their any sought of attitude towards me so what can I do as well I m not able to focus now on my career .It’s been past 15 months I’m sitting at home but I don’t feel like going out or working any where please do help me om Shanti.

Our Answer

TO: Rekha
Dear divine sister

We have received your letter. Here is the response.
Your stage of forgiveness for others is very good. But forgiveness should come with ‘understanding’ (knowledge).

What should we understand?

We are brahman souls, who are in direct sustenance given by God himself. We have knowledge that the present time is the end of cycle. Every soul is now in their lowest stage (tamo). Hence they will make many mistakes . We were also the same before we came in Gyaan. Hence it is now our prime responsibility, to give them support, love and power so that they can overcome their weakness.

Yes. Sometimes someone may behave in an improper manner which may not be acceptable easily. But you should understand the reason of why they are such. They are many reasons, knowing which you will instead have mercy on them.

Today, human beings do hard work to earn for their family and self, as they also have growing material desires to fulfil. They believe they get happiness in this. When one fulfils a wish of physical senses, they start becoming a slave of the senses. ”There is NO end of desires”.

So you and me, the brahman souls have a greater aim of life – that is – to become pure (conquer the vices) and to show other souls the path. You can do the service by many means. Share to your family, friends, on internet via Blogs and forums. And also there is service of mind (mansa sewa).


You asked to advice upon – ‘I cant focus on work and dont feel like going outside’

Advice: Everything has happened for a good reason. By the way, you will be thinking that what is good to stay at home, not working. But it is to know that in this time, outside is such atmosphere that to remain untouched from negativity is getting difficult. Hence first you have to make yourself capable powerful enough to face that atmosphere by remaining untouched. Understood? That is reason why you are staying at home while you becoming powerful from inside. Learn RajYog (Rajyoga meditation).

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