How to Overcome Negative Thoughts (safe from Maya)

How to be safe from negative of the world – Shrimat of Shiv baba is to study the Murli daily. Overcome maya of negativity and vyarth.

Original Question

I’m gaurav from Roorkee facing the problem of negative thoughts so please help and guide me baba.

Our Response

TO: Gaurav
Dear Divine Brother

Your message is received. Here is guidance for you.

Present time has brought such that many use to get disturbed by Maya and negative thoughts. Both Godly power and maya’s power have increased. Both are almighty.

You have come to know. You can think. Just before 50 years back, the world was much better. Especially India was much better. Love among neighbours, family and friends. Trust and honesty was there. Humanity and respect was there.

So baba reminds us, before 5000 years, it was satyug. Heaven, in which it is the perfect world. See here:


Murli is amrit (nectar) which will remove all vyarth and negative. Listen 2 times daily. Listen the Murli daily. You can also read the htm or listen in mp3 here:



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