Resolving misunderstanding between Parent and Child

Question was asked by Pratichi on 18 Aug 2018. General: ‘How to understand the relationship of parents and children and resolve misunderstandings?’

Original Question:

My parents love my brother(We are 3 sisters and 1 brother) . They don’t want any of us girls to go ahead of him. Mom calls and visits me even though we live in different countries. The fact that she wants my brother to be ahead of us and at the same time she wants to keep contact with me makes me sooo mad. I know shes my mom but she says things that make me so angry like girls should not be money minded and says the opposite to my brother. How do I deal with her? I want to cut off completely.

Our Response:

TO: Pratichi (and everyone reading)
Dear Sister

Your message was received.
In reality, there is no problem here. Your mother is doing her responsibility to praise the goodness in their children. She wants you not to become money minded, because of a good reason, isn’t it?

Is money mindedness good?
So it is not to worry – a relationship of parent and child (especially with mother) is very very noble. Mother always tries best for children.

Yes there may be a sense of favouritism for the son, because she have only 1 son compare to 3 daughters.

But love is love.. one cannot say that my mother doesn’t love me..but today’s children are moving away from truth. Instead one should always think with a peace of mind.. Do not hurry taking decisions .

Calm the mind. Mind is the best friend and the best enemy.. So train the mind and make it yours. Use the mind to feel happy.

Sometimes there is nothing outside and we create imaginations with the brain. We also feel then that the imagination is the truth. So be careful. Just be free in mind. Speak with your mother and father. If not speak to God. What we do? We daily either write or speak to Shiv baba (our Spiritual father) ‘How was my day, what good or bad i did.” This GREATLY helps in Self-transformation.

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