A conversation with Shiv Baba as a Soul

A conversation with Shiv baba’ -response to an email sent to us by Shreya Jain on 21 Aug 2018.

Original email

Om Shaanti. Mene baba se pucha ki Baba aap ka Naam to ‘Shiv’ hai par mein ek Aatma hun to mera kya Naam hai? .Baba ne kaha ki mera to bas ek hi Naam hai naa ‘Shiv’ par tumhare to 7 Naam hain…Khushi, Pyari, Mithi, Aanandi , Gyani, Shaanti, Shakti.
Thank you baba.
Namaste to all the divine souls.
Baba ka karya karne me sabko safalta mile.

Our Response

To: Shreya Jain

Your letter is received. This experience is result of a direct connection with Shiv baba. It is happy moment for you. You had a conversation with one to whom the entire world is calling..

Baba gave you introduction of the 7 virtues of Soul – our original qualities (our name as a Soul form).
The most deep concept of the knowledge is the first concept -of Soul – what is Soul ? One understands more and more as one goes within and thinks.

How is a subtle point of light can have a record of 84 births with all 84 body and relationships with other souls… all this is recorded. There is a secret is this. That soul the point has a field – a field is invisible but acts as an identifier for that soul.

For a simple example, if you reach to a person who is a divine soul, a RajYogi – you will receive the vibrations of peace or power.. This is the field of Soul which cannot be seen but be experienced.

So in all, it is certainly possible to have such an experience of talking with someone who remember the most. Here this is with the supreme soul (God). Baba gives response not in words, but we understand it in words, in language that we know. This is beautiful. In higher consciousness, conversation happens through signals, scenes (visions) and vibrations. Then when we relate it to the corporeal word, with our powerful mind, we can convert that conversation in the language that our brain knows.

With this, have a very peaceful, lovely day. Visit below page to find all the revelations from the Gyaan Murli.
Revelations: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/revelations


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