Taking a Decision in Life and Power to Face

Dear friends, here is our response on asked question via email. How to face the opposition and decide the right path and make a correct decision? This will discuss the Power to Decide (judge) and Power to Face.

Original Question:

Om shaanti baba
I want to ask a question.
If I have taken a decision for myself which I think is right for me but other people even any family member is against it, so negative energy will continuously flow towards me.
What should I do at that time? Change my decision to make them happy or stick to my own decision?

Our Answer:

Sweet Divine Sister

Your letter was received. You discussed about a decision you made. Family is against. You wish to know the right path.

So listen carefully. Yes, if someone thinks something about us, the vibrations will reach us. But you are internally strong, then those vibrations cannot affect you. You the self is much powerful compare to external.

For example, big leaders of nation, etc are very famous and hence millions of souls remember them and send them good and both bad vibrations. But it can affect them as per their own spiritual stage. It is very subtle to understand. The stage depend on how we have done in our life. Our karma. If you do good karma and still many thinks negative of you, then you don’t worry. Because that vibrations will not impact you as your stage is high. You have done something with a noble intention.

It is intention which matters, not the actual deed. Hence for example if you help someone in need with a good intention and then you find out that they are harmed due to your act. This is not a bad action. The karma is resulted according to the intention behind our acts. If intention is pure, the result is good.

So the answer to your asked question is: ”If the intention of what you want to do or become is good (noble) then do that. do not care or give attention to other’s thinking. In next birth, your relatives will be changed. You shall have new relatives and relations. But the karma you will do in world, will stay with you forever.”

Take each step in care. Walk on the path shown to us by the God, our supreme father, the supreme soul. Path is easy. Gyaan Murli is the guidance.

Power to Face: The power to face is the ability to confront and resolve external and internal obstacles, tests and challenges.
Now this a power to face everything. This is one step further from Power to tolerate. On one hand we can tolerate the wrong and on other hand we convey the truth that we hold, but in a peaceful way. Also is power to face challenges in life. Be brave and cross the difficulties. This power only comes when there is ‘truth’ in our words and actions.

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