Husband Cheating & Starting a New Life

Husband was cheating and wife has come in gyaan. Guidance given via email: How to transform your life while handling the family.

Original Question:

I am meenakshi I am 26 years old . I am married since 4 years . from last 2 years my husband cheating on me with another girl … every time he has asked for chance and I gave I forgive him but again and again he is doing this thing with me . It hurts me a lot he cheated on me several times but I gave so many chances but he don’t change and I have small son too . I wanted to separate with him but I gave him chance for my son everytime .. Now this time it’s hurting me a lot and I get angry every time … I want to change myself . In my mind only one thing comes that I should kill my self ….. But what I don’t want to do that. Please help me I want to change . I want to live peacefully with happiness

Our Answer:

To: Meenakshi
Dear Sister,

Your letter was received. Your problems have come after marriage. Such messages we almost daily receive. Husband cheating or opposite. Generally also, it is understood that the present atmosphere of world has influenced even good souls.

In such time, Shiv baba has come and said – that now marriage is degrading yourself. Marriage would bring the sorrow for many reasons. hence we say to remain pure or virgin for this birth. But for those who already married, can also turn their life for good. They can now follow the Shrimat of Shiv baba and transform their life. A new start is needed. You should not leave the family. Stay where you are and start.

How ?

You do not want to die.. but the consciousness of body should die. That i am this physical body. This consciousness is reason of all sorrow. Instead imagine yourself as a tiny point of light, a Soul, seated in the forehead of this body. When you die from this way, you will take a birth in God’s lap. 

You and everyone else wish to be happy in life. We are all living. But not everyone has knowledge that whatever happens in our life is a result of our past Karma. This is a universal law. It is said to do good to all. We are one family of this big world. We all belong to the one father, the incorporeal Supreme soul Shiv . Name is Shiv. meaning Kalyaankari (benevolence)
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Your life will bring happiness when you give happiness to all. Become very very sweet . Do not give sorrow through thought, words and action. Through this Godly knowledge, we will become like Laskhmi and Narayan (picture is given).


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Hence said. Murli will guide you. 


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