How to bring Concentration of Mind and Thoughts?

Need to more about universe , as I am not able to control my thoughts and my mind ? Question was asked by Aditya on 9 August 2018.

Original Question:

Need to more about universe , as i am not able to control my thoughts n my mind.

Our Answer:

Dear Brother,

You are observing that mind or say thoughts are going out of control. 

There is a simple way and some practice after which you will regain the control of thoughts and direct it towards positive.

1. Practice Swamaan

2. Learn Raj yYog meditation:

3. Positive thinking every morning for atleast 20 minutes. – For this, just wake up early morning and sit in silence. Then practice ‘Swaman’ and then practice having good positive thoughts. This is easy.

It works -> Whatever we think in early morning, will impact the day.
Follow all the 3 steps.

Highest kind of control of mind, is to direct the mind in service of world. Because in this, there is benefit to the self and to the world. Both.

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