Surrender Form Response to Kumaris

Online registration form was sent to us by a kumari and this was the guidance upon shrimat.

Form Submitted

To: Kumaris
Dear Brahma Kumari

Your form is received in the Godly record.
You have answered all questions with honesty and so if you honestly try to transform yourself, then you receive the powers from Shiv baba that will end your weaknesses. 

You also should have love for Murli – you have love for knowledge, that can give you unlimited prosperity for 21 births.. this is the Godly gift. Murli is our lifeline.

Baba has special love for Kumaris. A kumari can do more service than anyone else. Purity of kumaris is worshiped. A kumari, if remain pure, will become a great helping hand of God. A kumari can become an example of how one should live the life. You are in god fatherly world service. The aim of your life is to become sattopradhan as Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. This is the most valuable time and life of ours. In this life, we brahman souls not only uplift ourself but also liberate the world from sorrow by giving the sandesh (message) of god to them. Not everyone will take the knowledge, but definitely all the souls will recognise the father. The father will be revealed at the end. Kumaris have become a hand in service and thus they are worshiped. Kumar are not worshiped. God has given more respect to mothers. This is that time of sangam (diamond age).

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