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Email was written by Zeenat on 14 July 2018

Original Question:

Your thoughts and words are life changing. I have learnt so much from you. I’m a conscious thinker now. I’m very grateful to u. I just have a query, the souls we met in this life are the souls we have already connected with ? Why two soul meet and the all of a sudden they get separated ? I had a relationship we both love each other. But my family didn’t want me to get married to him as his social status isvery low as compared to us and he understand this. I understand that he can’t convince my parents and I understand his pain we don’t have any wrong emotions for each other only love is there. What to do ? And also the concept of twin flames ? Thank you so much. Lots of love

BK Shivani Answers:

To: Everyone reading

You have learned the Universal Law of KARMA, didn’t you?
Hence you would know that everything in life happening in present, our decisions taken now, will impact or create our future. This is simple law, known as Karma Ka Siddhanti (law).

According to this, you and all other souls you have deep relationship with, would have a relationship also in past lives. Relationships in past life can be anything like of a mother and child. And now you met as a friend or lover. This all is created by exchange of our thoughts with each other. 

Hence God teaches us to remain pure and have a sweet relationship with everyone. Not only with 1 or 2, but with all souls of world – Have great good wishes for all. This is nature of an awakened soul. We are getting the knowledge. 

— Insight —

You said – what to do next?

Answer: If your love is pure and not an attraction of body, the imagine that person as your friend or well wisher, rather than a life partner. 

See baba explains you simply – that this world has reached its lowest stage. No one is considered noble. This all will end very soon. Why have ANY attachment with anything and anyone ??

Have you understood?  Love each other. Love is permitted. But baba does not permit marriage . Because it is clearly said in Murli by shiv baba that living a pure family life is difficult. Their will certainly be a body attraction. Love also has 3 stage – Satto love, Rajjo love and Tammo. 

Satto is pure love – of a soul and soul. But we have forgotten that we are souls. 

Rajjo is emotional love – of mind and heart. 

Tamo is physical love – impure and which separates them from God

Love is essential in life. Why not love God, who is the ocean of love..

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