Coming out of Depression, an article

An article by Brahma Kumaris as a response to asked question, ‘How to come out and recover of depression in life?’

Emailed Question by SM on 7 August 2018:

As sister Shivani said, we get depressed bcoz of thoughts, I want to know that we get depressed bcoz ther other person remembers me then his thoughts come and effect me or my own thoughts make me so..pls help.

Our Answer:

To: SM
Sweet Sister/divine Brother

Your letter was received and read.
Listen carefully to understand the answer.

It is true that we are mostly influenced by our own thoughts and it is also a law of energy that we do receive the thoughts given to us by others. But this receiving depends upon many factors:

1. If one is at a powerful and stable stage, then even if someone or many sends him negative energy, then also the result would be in stable stage. This also is true that positive thought is much much more powerful compare to negative thought. Hence even 1 positive thought can make you happy and feel uplifted. 

So think positive – because you want to live happy, isn’t it? anyway, next time whenever you feel depress, then watch this given video on the new coming world – a very nice animated clip:

2. If someone is mentally weak at a time when lets suppose someone is sending him some ungrateful thoughts. In such case, because the soul is in lower stage, it will absorb all the vibrations coming to it. Opposite is true as well. If you send pure and powerful vibrations to weak souls, they will receive and that will uplift their stage.

The spiritual stage of soul is responsible for our Karma. Whatever and however is our stage of belief system, so as we do in our everyday life. If I believe for example, that ”I am a very wealthy person or powerful person (in terms of occupation or political position), then this is a body conscious stage. Soul is forgotten and hence Soul’s original virtues are forgotten. This leads to vikarma (sins). In this case, ego has come and that is a vice. Vices are reason of our sorrow. Vice brings sorrow. Hence one must now practice Soul consciousness, that I am a soul, a point of metaphysical light and conscious about the knowledge of my existence in this world drama and conscious that my father is the supreme soul, who is an ocean of peace, love, knowledge and powers.

When one brings this light of godly knowledge in their life, then every small or big problem they may have, will only be solved with this shift of consciousness that ”I am a Soul, not this physical body”. With this soul consciousness, we become free from 5 vices (lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment). Problems within relationships are of 2 causes – anger and ego. Hence when one removes them, their relationship becomes normal. And if depression is caused of other reason, then detachment and practice of self respect – ‘I am a peaceful soul‘ will definitely help to recover very soon. If you are English speaker, here is English meditation playlist:

Anyway finally, time is the greatest healer. Very soon a person gets disappointed with life and situations and in next moment, he gets some other thing to focus on and thus life moves on. But one wise person should ‘learn’ from the difficulties, because they come to teach you as a teacher.

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