Shrimat for Teachers and Students of school or college

As a response to asked question by Gurpreet Kaur on 15 July 2018, we write the following as a general advice for every student and teachers of either school or a college. Shrimat of Gyan Murli given for practical life.

Original Question:

Respected sir/madam, I just wanted to know is it possible that sister Shivani takes few days classes for the teachers to inculcate the values important for us to have in order to induce them into our students n any one we meet naturally. I feel we teachers are the one profession whose foundation should b the strongest. The teachers are losing the essence of teaching due to multiple factors. We are no longer the GURUS in true terms, it has sadly become a crude business n the young citizens of India HV become very vulnerable to all the negatives things. We can HV workshop for teachers/management. Kindly guide if we want such program to happen in our school what are the arrangements we HV to do. I want to propose this to my management so I need to know the details first. I will be highly obliged. Thank you n regards God bless us all.

Our Answer:

To: All teachers and students and those reading

Dear Divine Sister/brother and respected teacher/s
( Save this letter for all teachers of your school. We wish that you personally read this letter to all teachers.)

You are saying right. It is true that both teacher and its students are not worth today to compare them to those who were in our own Bharat (India) before few hundred years. Even if you go back 100 years only, the Guru were considered idol for life by students. 

But today’s teachers are in no way a Guru and nor the students are Shisya . This is a world drama as we teach in our 7 days Raja Yog course. Change happens in world. Even before 100 years, there was much value in society – everyone use to worship God in many forms. 

Teachers can learn the ancient technique of Raja Yog which is known as highest meditation also known in foreign countries. Through this Yog or meditation, one can achieve a self mastery – Self is soul and mastery on organs (mind and body). Teachers also should NEVER get angry with students. If students misbehave, then the teacher should become DETACHED and just observe the inner self. Should not react. If you react, they will react. So become detached and smile. They will soon calm down. This is best way. There is values that teacher can bring in all his students. Values first the teacher should possess. There are 7 virtues within us:

Today also worship is common, but the reason of worship is changed. Today they worship for money (not virtues), for education (not knowledge) and so on. Thus the world has seen a remarkable change in only 100 years. Why 100years?? – you will know when you read the World Drama Cycle page.”

Next: About BK Shivani program

We want to convey you that you are 3rd person only today who contacted us to arrange a lecture by Sister Shivani. BUT because of  being very busy in spiritual gatherings and other services, sister shall not be able to come.

BUT really you do not need her in person. We advice you to show the videos of her previous such lectures on colleges for students. We have many such nice videos. You will also love the talks. 

One of such lectures is here

So please do arrange a meeting for all your students and show this video to them on a projector. This is our advice

Hope you are fine as you understand the situation . Many good wishes.

In godly world Service
Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay

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