Marry to GOD (Shiv baba), a message for Kumaris

Do you not wish to marry to God, the supreme bride groom, the creator and protector of entire world? The one with all attainments of virtues, knowledge and all powers? If yes, then this article will guide you the best way..
A question regarding this was asked by Arjita on 1 August 2018.

Original Question:

I am a 28 year old girl but have been having a tough luck finding my match. I want an answer on how to take decisions in selecting a match. Given you are in a relationship, there are ample videos of yours on how to make them work beautifully but how do we choose the right partner. I am professionally well qualified and from a well to do family. However the match that I have been wanting , have not worked out and the ones that have wanted me by their side , I have not liked. This is because I have been looking for a particular type of personality, which probably is different from my Sankars. The one who is more gadget freak than I am and has a similar family set up. Should I make the existing ones, my choice or do I wait for a certain type I am looking for.

Our Answer:

To: Arjita (and everyone reading)
Dear Divine Sister
The match is found. This match of yours is the greatest and best match.

Virtues: loveful, knowledgeful, peaceful, powerful. ..
Qualifications: creator of the world, maintainer of the world, the father of humanity, guide of humanity.. and unlimited qualifications..
By reading this far.. you would have guessed.. yes?

If not, your perfect match is God himself. We all BKs have married with him and advice you also to marry.. we are all happy married. We have attained EVERYTHING desirable and more after this marriage.

This is not a joke.. you have contacted today hoping for something isn’t it ?? 
Will you not think that it was in your destiny to get introduced to the father! You should think about this..

You are made to wait till the time comes when your destiny has called you.. you can attain something if not to say EVERYTHING that the world does not and cannot attain by any means…You can attain the love, peace, and powers from the source itself, the God. Raja Yog is the way. Your day is today.

Do you wish to marry to a human being, who will change in his nature tomorrow or day after tomorrow?? or wish to marry the supreme father the supreme soul, whom we call the changeless. One who will stay the perfect always? He is the most rich in virtues and powers, also in knowledge. Make the choice now . For any means even if you choose different, the marriage with God is an incognito thing and never will be revealed to anyone. This will bring a smile on your face. This marriage is pure (sattvik) . No one among you two will see each other’s face not before and not after the marriage. You the bride will remember your husband and him will be with you in less than a second. He will protect you, guide you, love you the best and selfless. This love will uplift you and give a direction to your life, your life and this last birth will become fruitful and worthy. You shall live each second in great joy. You can feel as if you are the master of entire world, because the creator of world is your father, mother and now also a husband (pati).

What else you may need? 

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