How to Give Sakash (healing body and soul)

Yog Sakaash (or Sakash) is given, to heal diseases, relationships, etc. Sakash can be given to the light body (angelic body). This is sending them vibrations of peace, love and power to heal their weaknesses or disease of body. This works and is also done by most of BKs (brahma kumari and kumar) at many events. Whenever for example there is an earthquake of other natural calamity in anywhere around the world, then we sit together at a particular big centre hall and do collective meditation (healing RajYog) to give vibrations to those souls who became a victim during calamity. Sending them energy of peace and power to tolerate does give them inner strength to overcome all their difficulties.

This method of giving sakaash was first introduced by Shiv baba during Sakar murli, during 1960s. Then it was known as ‘giving light and might’. Now we call it Sakash. The term sakaash was given by Avyakt BapDada.

Method (How to learn Sakaash?)

This you can do for your parents.. You have to first understand and realise the self as the Soul: We are a Soul, not this body. Soul consciousness is must for this Sakaash. Only then it will work. We can heal the body also by giving the sakash to those souls. 

Second, we imagine everyone as a Soul with a body of light (a farista or angel). With this angel body, there is the soul present in the centre of forehead.

The above picture is how we see the Soul present in the centre of forehead. You should imagine the soul while giving vibrations.

How to send Vibrations ?

Yog is the ancient procedure, the direct information and direction received by us from the supreme father the supreme soul. This is known as Raja Yog. As you will read in detail on our RajYog meditation page, the Yog itself means a connection between two beings. RajYog is connection of us the soul, with the supreme soul. We receive all powers, peace, love when we connect our intellect with him. When we are full of these khazana (jewels), then we donate this to the world. To those who are in need of peace, we share our peace with them, to those who are in need of a specific power/s, we send them those powers. There are 8 powers within all souls. RajYog helps us to emerge those powers and use them in practical life.

When you are giving sakaash, you are actually giving light and might (vibrations) to those souls. The best practice that gives best result, is to imagine and consider each other as souls with a body of light (angel). The below video shows animation of how we give sakash to heal a disease:

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