Shrimat to Prepare Food (Bhojan)

Below question was asked by Munjunath on 25 July 2018 on ‘Mother is in Gyaan, and how to make food (brahma bhojan) according to the shrimat? what are the direction?

Hi, My mother is into bhrama kumaris since 5 years, since last 3 years, she has stopped eating garlic and onion saying these are BK rules to be followed, later she stopped eating outside food. ( we are vegetarians by birth), we didn’t object any of her habits. Recently, she stopped eating food cooked my us (children/husband/daughter in law), this i couldn’t not understand. My mother says we are not into BK Gyan, so it is no sacred to eat food prepared by us. This is hampering our personal peaceful family, I feel, main motto of BK shouldn’t be this, as we are having food prepared by my mother all the time, we are part of her family, aren’t we eating the same food prepared by her by which we get enough positiveness. Is this rule is mandatory for people who fallow BK ? My mother will never have food prepared me as she is BK follower ? Waiting for you’re suggestion. Thankyou

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone who are reading
Sweet Divine Brother/Sister

Your letter is received and read. Do accept flowers of madhuban. May you recognise the incarnation of our spiritual father, incorporeal supreme soul (parampita paramatma Shiv ke avtaran ka aapko gyaan prakash mile, aisi subh iccha)

Your mother is in Gyaan since 5 years. There are few things that this letter will clarify for your mother and your family also.

1. Onion and garlic are not good for the inner vibrations . This is also proven by science. Onion or garlic brings more body consciousness and feeling of tiredness. Hence for our spiritual journey, we also not eat this.

2. Outside Food: You also know, that outside food is in no way good for health also. If is prepared to earn money, hence it has that energy inside – Money conscious.. Home food is made with love for the family, for children,.. but those who make and sell food outside do not love you, They want to earn money.

3. Home Food made by someone who is not a Brahman

Answer: It is to understand that your mother has taken a wrong decision. Shiv baba has directed in Murli. You can eat the home food made by anyone. It is permitted. Shrimat is to eat the food in remembrance of Shiv baba. Mother should prepare food for everyone in Yaad of Shiv baba. This will benefit everyone who sit and eat that food.It is also not a fault of your mother. Not knowing the accurate knowledge, anyone would think like this. 

What is best way to make food?

1. Make food at home always. Bring fresh vegetables from your farm or market.
2. when making food, to make your stage elevated, listen Divine songs of Shiv baba. You will also like them. Playlist:
3. These divine geet will help to bring peace and power . This powerful vibrations will consumed by the food. One should eat such made food with love.

Essence: Yes. You mother can eat someone else made food (home made) and eat in yaad. You can also learn Raja Yog or listen geet of shiv baba while cooking. You can join the whatsapp group to receive daily guidance from us: 829 900 4427
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