Question on Karma, Situations and General

Question is general for all and is on ”How and upto what extent does our Karma influence our life + present stage of world and light of hope..”

Thank you for your kind advice.  I will talk positive and try to explain the strange ways of Almighty. My son questions why he is suffering when his karma and dedication to his work is sincere. He loves people but why people make his life miserable. We cannot change the human nature who are help bent to enjoy suffering of other people. Devil is the evil the in heart of human beings.
Regards,  kindly pray for my son.
Wish Almighty God and Baba have the power to create miracles bless my son.

Your sincerely,

Ravin Krishna Om Shanti….

Our Answer:

To: Everyone reading

You are in Gyaan and may are daily listening to the Gyaan Murli. . It is not about Karma that someone face situations. See life is a play, a drama and also a challenge. This world has now old . Very old and in sorrow. There will definitely challenges to face. If someone is righteous (good) then he will face challenges from obstacles created by those who are unrighteous (bad). This such time is now. 

There was a time when Bharat was heaven and now is time when Bharat is hell.  The world follows Bharat. World will also become similar. 

When extreme sorrow spread, then only the world transformation takes place. Read more.

knowledge is being given. Life has a purpose and aim. What is your aim ? ”This is your last birth” – GOD says in murli

In this last birth, whatever will we do will be remembered – this is the MOST IMPORTANT birth . You should start to explain in the Gyaan points of murli to your son. Slowly slow daily on phone.. this will benefit also. This will give instant peace of mind and happiness. The aim of life, that faith in God. 

Karma is the reason of all happenings. Source: Law of Karma
Hope this letter have helped and you will follow. 


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