Guidance for a Child Student and their Parents

Question was asked by Raja Kilpakkam (parent) on 27 July 2018 on ”Guidance for a 10th standard student who is unable to progress and is slow in studies.”

Dear sister shivani,

I have a daughter ( single child) and she is in her 10th std and writing her board exams. both parents are working. she is very slow and unable to cope up with studies. we have tried all our best hard way as well as soft way. nothing seems to be working. we feel that the child has great potential,but is not interested or taking it light. need your guidance and support thanks , looking forward to hear from you

Our Answer

To: Every parent and Every child or students

Your letter is received and read. You are a mother . Your daughter is studying. You are trying and wish that your daughter passes exams/ Certainly, that is what you or many parents wants. 
But you need understanding. Understand that every child is unique. Some are good in somethings that others are not. This is a naturally gift of God. For example, a child is naturally good at arts (drawing) by birth  this is a God’s gift . Now if his parents forces him to become a doctor, then how would he?

There is a need of everyone in this world. Without 1 soul, the World Drama does not run . Parents are the creator of this physical body, but that the soul is immortal. Soul is the child of the Supreme soul.

It is a duty of parents to give a few things to their creation:
1. Give them love and nurture 
2. Support and guidance
3. Give freedom and well wishes
With these 3 thing only, you can become an ideal parent.

Now a child has a duty .
1. To respect and be honest with his parents.
2. To listen and think on what their parents advice
3. Become a valuable and loved child. Do good for the world and bring the name of parents and the family . 
4. In return of the sustenance given by parents, you must do something for them. Make them happy and never give sorrow. 

Everything is now explained. To make a best decision, one need patience and peace of mind. A good decision should benefit and satisfy everyone. Make a decision which not only make you happy, but the daughter also.

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