Upbringing of a 5 Year Old Child – Part 2

Question is continued by Ruby Roy. Next email was received on 25 July 2018. Question on: How to heal a disease of a 5 year old child and give the best upbringing in the shadow of spirituality.

Dear Sister Sivani,
Perhaps you are not Sivani didi in person…may be some other brother or sister of bramha kumaris..but who ever may be you thanks a lot for replying back. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and advice you have offered. I will definitely try to follow every thing you have said. But I want to share with you something that I have not being able to express for years to anybody. I know you people are very busy but still I have a feeling that you do listen to people. I am a Ayurvedic Medical Officer working contractually in a Govt set up 600 km away from my home town . We had our first and only child at the age of 32. My child was unable to eat solids till 2.5 years of age…finally when those initial things started falling in place slowly…it occurred that he is not speaking…. Another series of struggle…rather on going struggle started….but you know amongst all even before conceiving where ever we bowed before the almighty we asked for a normal healthy child…and in our worst nightmare we had not imagined this situation. I belong to a very pious and spiritually inclined family back ground.. So naturally carry the sanskars to some extent..I know that it is my karmic account…but please acknowledge no logic can pacify a mother heart when her child cries pathetically unable to express himself…may be due pain or other necessities. When other children bully or wrong him or blame him simply because he can’t reply back. All my time except for my hospital hours are for him. I have no other professional, social or personal commitments other than my child. I try my level best to love him unconditionally and accept him as he is…I understand he is a good and gentle soul. I do encourage him profoundly for every little achievements he makes.I do not use any electronic media to distract him..in fact we don’t watch the television at all. I try to charge his food and water as many times I am able to remember with positive thoughts. And I do watch Awakening as much as possible as much as my time permits….over the internet..but as you said to watch us both…there is this problem. He again lacks the necessary understanding for that. He is not mentally matured with proportion to his age…so please acknowledge that I am doing the very best of my ability…I will try sakash as well..please pray for him… Pray that I can tell him stories and he responds accordingly. Pray that he ask questions in thousands like other children and I gladly and patiently reply them all in the best of my ability. I am dying to enjoy this stage of his child hood…of the sweet voice of a inquisitive mind awaiting for the wings to spread out.. I have heard that collective meditation vibrations can do miracle so I beg you all to pray for him and for children alike him. Thanks for your patience…thanks for listening to a person who is endlessly fighting to perform her role in the best of ability May God bless us all. With love and respect. RubyRoy

Our Answer:

TO: Ruby (and all the Mothers or parents)

Your second letter is received. You have conveyed the feelings you have as a mother. You wish that you can share feelings with words with your child.

As much as known to us, it is said that the child is some late to speak that’s it. Definitely will speak normally. Late is even better. Because it is a signal that the child is a peace loving natured since his past births and may be this is the first birth of that soul. Souls comes from the sweet home (Paramdham)

First letter has many good advice that you should follow. Appreciation of virtues in small small matters with encourage.

Second, sakaash is even powerful when you become powerful. Listen and practice this Swamaan commentaries daily morning and before giving Sakaash to child: 

This music and commentaries will also help: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/rajyoga-meditation-music-commentary

ADVICE: Further we advice you to watch Awakening episodes with your son. No need to understand what is being said, but to consume that pure energy of wisdom right from the childhood. Great benefit you can do for the child. Watch daily . Never miss. 45 minutes is ok. This is our advice .

And also remember that it is good that a child remains as much close to its parents. Save him from the world. Bring values and virtues your life and thus become an example for the child. .This is your prime duty. Rest, leave on his fortune. Everyone brings his fortune . No other can and should change it.


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