How to take care of 5 Year old Child?

A question was asked by Ruby Roy Chaudary on 24 July 2018 about ‘How to take best care of my child of 5 years old with a speaking problem?’

Respected sir / madam
I was wondering whether I could reach out for bk Sivani didi s email I.d. but since I was encouraged to write my query in this I.d I am doing so. I am a mother precisely working mother of a 5 year old boy who has speech language delay. I am into Ayurvedic Medical profession so I have tried to treat him with every medical management available to me. It is not that he hasn’t improved…but still he is unable to express himself in other language I am in immense pain for this … when ever I see children around articulating vividly my mother ‘ s heart bleeds and sink into depression…I am into positive affirmations also recently. But really really really want a miracle…… Perhaps I am not able to express myself logically since I am under over whelming emotional stress…but people of God can understand other’s pain. So with great hope I am writing this email. I am very introvert in personal issues and it has taken a lot of courage to open up my feelings. So please please please help me…. but don’t ask me to be detached about my child. I understand he is an aatma playing the role of my child and stuff…but as a mother my role becomes useless if I can’t give him the basic requirements like ability to speak out in life. So please please please help me…Will you…won’t you Thanking you, Ruby Roy

Our Answer:

To: Everyone Reading
Your letter is received and read . Here is our response .

1. It is natural for a mother to be caring for a child. And we do never say that be completely detached . Instead detachment only means to care without worrying.. See. If you keep worrying for that child, then that soul is receiving the energy from you. If you keep thinking that ‘my child is less than other children, etc..’ – this thoughts will badly influence your child. Hence this way detachment, yet caring. 

2. You should instead send positive energy, think positive. See virtues in that soul. Appreciate small small achievements. For example, if he eats a roti, then appreciate it. Say – Wah wah well done . You are very good child. In every small small acts, appreciate with your heart. See ONLY virtues. This is true love.

3. Love does not mean to sit down at keep worrying about someone. No. Instead this is an act of harming via thoughts. Love is to care, to sacrifice and to appreciate the virtues in that being. Think this. If God is called an ocean of love.. does him sit down and keep worrying about the world?? No. God knows everything. Everything happens for good. That is how much importance of knowledge is life. 

Gyaan says– ”Everything happens for good. Just understanding sight is needed.” and – that a child has some problem in speaking is NOT any bad. Instead it is far better not to speak or speak less. This nature saves us from many misfortunes. Hope you understood. So the entire point of your worry is baseless. You have nothing to worry. If you love your child, then we have explained you What love means.. You should start to appreciate. A mother’s role is to shape the nature of the child in best way possible. The way is shown to you. Make him do good jobs. For example – to give a chocolate to someone, make him stable within,.. teach the learning of Murli.  You can also listen the Murli, that we listen daily. Murli is the source of our wisdom.

How to Heal the child?

Answer: You can give powerful vibrations (we call ‘Sakash’) to that soul. Imagine the soul with the body and imagine the powerful vibrations of love and peace is entering the soul and empowering. There is a vidhi (guidelines) for this here

You may also have heard Awakening episodes by Sister Shivani. You can both watch together. Childhood is the best time to learn, and whatever is embedded now by the mind, will stay forever. Hence be careful. The way is shown. 

Essence: What is true love, How can you develop the nature of your child, How will you both progress, listen Murli daily, watch Awakening episodes when possible.. Here are all resource for the journey.
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