Baba’s Shrimat on family life – How to Handle

Question was asked via email by unknown on 26 July 2018 about ‘in Gyaan since 5 years.. family life.. how to best handle husband, relatives according to shrimat?

Om Shanti
I can been in Gyan since last 10 months and following Baba’s srimat as much as I can. Sometimes I face some difficulties while dealing with my family members, friends or relatives. I have been trying to change my old pattern of living. I’m no more liking noise and crowded areas. I don’t like to talk too long over telephone which I used to do before I was in Gyan. 
Hence my query is if my friends or relatives calls over phone, they keep on talking. I know they love me and want to share their feelings. But I feel depleted after talking too much. I want to withdraw from this in a gentle way by not hurting anyone. 
2nd query is that I feel that my decision making power has been improved and I can choose what is best for me. Sometimes pressure from esp my husband comes to take such a path that is not right. My instinct says no. When there is direct dealing Ivan handle very well. But when he interferes in my work it becomes difficult to say him no I cant do this esp when the matter is against my values.(to be more clear some govt official want to do some illegal works relating to money. I’ve applied for an NGO registration 5 yrs back. They didn’t process. I changed the path bcos I didn’t want to go against my value). Now I’m very happy with my profession n career. Raj yog meditation has made everything easy. ) Now my husband putting his efforts to do the registration getting done. Govt is demanding some false documents which I don’t want to give. For this reason there has been conflicts between my husband n me. How to handle?

Please give some guidance. Om Shanti. .

Our Answer:

To: unknown spiritual warrior
Dear Brahma Kumari/Kumar

1. Your letter is received and read. Your first question was on feeling depleted after long talk. It is a normal happening. If one observes this, then he would not talk what is not important. Most of us talks too much and that what is not of importance. That is the reason of feeling body conscious, due to which we feel depleted. In the Gyaan Murli only, Baba has given an answer of all the questions. If you listen the murli daily, you will know. 

The solution of this is quite simple. It is not that you should not talk at all. But you should best avoid the useless talking. But what is somehow necessary, you should definitely talk. For example, about health, your day, etc. 

If you will remain in Yog , this all will happen smoothly. You will receive much energy and your stage will remain stable. For this reason, baba says: ”Talk only about the Gyaan.” You will experience yourself whenever you talk about Murli, think about shiv baba.. you automatically reach somewhere else. You will feel this. 

2. Baba will be smiling to hear some children are very happy after coming in gyaan . Baba knows that good children are everywhere. They are doing the service of making the world pure in whatever they can do. You can do more service. Purity of a soul will greatly help in World Transformation . This is explained by baba in murlis. Purity of thoughts words and action will greatly help in service. Nothing you need to do. Just remain alert . Follow the shrimat. Daily listen murli.

Raja Yog made you powerful soul. When you become powerful, you can face all challenges. You can never do anything against the spiritual law. You are a direct child of GOD himself. You do not need to worry about anything. No one can trouble you if you follow the shrimat. There is a great secret in this. If a soul completely follow the shrimat given by Shiv, no matter what situation come, nothing can influence. Everything will be solved automatically. There is so much power and secrets in Gyaan.

You can live with your husband but with detachment. Take care of everyone. Fulfil your duty. Become pure. Develop virtues within yourself. This is shrimat.
There are 7 virtues 8 powers

Do explore. Your mind is your child. Whatever you teach, you are shaping. You are the king of the kingdom. This body is your kingdom. This body is also a temple. Your are the deity. We are becoming worship worthy. Gyaan ka Vichar manthan karna chahiye. Bahut khush hongi..

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