Clarification on Brahma Kumaris services and Purpose

As a response to a question asked by Belinda from UK, upon the misunderstandings of BK centres and services.

You are not doing any service.. you brahma kumaris are just and another who does no service to humanity. Plus you all live in past…hahahaha which mean that you have no idea about the present and compassion for this wonderful world of ours. There is absolutely no point of living this amazing life, if you are no worth of helping everyone . You live in your own world, uncaring the present and dont’ care. So is it true about everyone i want to know by your words directly. I have been a student for some time but left.

Our Answer:

In brief: ”You will only see the world in the colour of the glasses you have wore..” You are seeing only 5 or 10 from more than 900,000 and applying your decision and blaming everyone else. As said, we also know that there are many who entered the centers, who does no service, but want everything. Such are very less. 

Most of sisters and brothers are tirelessly in world service by means that they can do (with mind, their body and their money). They are doing the service of many by their own self. There are many examples. When you ask them – Why and how did you start this service? They replies – It was an inspiration by baba .” Since 1970s, services outside India started.

Yourself think – those who were benefited b y the Raja Yog meditation thus then help to build a center in respective countries . As you believe, we do no service to world… then why is there many coming to center, many writes us emails daily to discuss their problem?? It is because we answer them. We daily reply to many like you. They all become happy. We only give the shrimat of Murli given by God. We only show the direction … 

Rest is on you . You have 2 choices – See the truth – or – just fool yourself by ignoring.  God has come . This task of world transformation is carried out by all means. This brahma kumari world spiritual university is not established by a human being. 

It is the power of Godly teachings that we still are bond together as a one family even when there was nothing in yagya and even now, when all facilities have come. 

Now you are open to make your decision. 

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