Shrimat of Baba for Kumari to Stay at Home?

Question was asked by Anchal on 22 July 2018.

Om Shanti to all. I know Ma’am we have to take a 7 day course first and then fill a surrender form. Ma’am I am a student of literature, not married yet. I want to explore spirituality through literature by myself becoming one forever. But after this I don’t know what to do..can I pack my bag after 7 day course and come at Ur centre at Mount Abu to join you or be in your service?

Our Answer:

To: Everyone reading

Dear Anchal
Your letter is received . Seeing such letters, baba also will smile. On one hand, the world is becoming worse and on other hand, some special souls are coming in contact with God and becoming pure and also does selfless service to make others equal to the father.

You wish to become a Brahma Kumari ? You may also have read the guidelines : How to Join Brahma Kumaris So you know the 3 main steps now. You have done the first step RajYog course.You now complete the other steps . 4th is only optional. But do must read the surrender letter before you join.

It is very good that you have not marry yet. A kumari can take this godly knowledge and become better than anyone else. Purity is very important. It is said that a Kumari is great the one who does benefit to 21 generations of the family. It is said because a kumari can become a world servant. Kumari can show the path to her family, relatives and benefit them also. You are not an ordinary human being. You are a chosen special soul. You can benefit the world. Do the service with your mind (thoughts), with your mouth (words) and your hands (karma)

You are incognito . The world does not know you. Whether you live at your home, or at a center, no difference. Instead it is Shiv baba’s Shrimat – to stay at home and learn this Gyaan. Also give this gyaan to your family. This is the Shrimat. 

If you wish to stay at center for services, then you will need a permission letter from your family. This is must. Letter Saying: ”I give my duagther (name) in the yagya of God father Shiv baba so that to make her fortune of new world. I offer my daughter in world service with happiness, in light of what is the highest purpose of human life..”

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