Love, Relationship and How to Overcome the feelings

This question was asked by Kiriti on 21 July 2018.

Om shanti . I have a frnd who has been in a relationship fr 3 yrs now n due to innumerable misunderstandings and not sharing a same opinion lead to her breakup which she did with her frnd in march . She felt suffocated in that relationship . N in april she lost her dad . She still had some soft corner for her frnd due to which they still talked to each other n in may they again gained feelings fr each other n strted talking n came close because the guy pretended that he has chnged n would do anything to keep her . He genueinely loves my frnd bt then their opinions dont match still . She feels that she cant be with that guy bt again she doesnt wnts to hurt that guy by breaking up n making him cry n carrying a guilt . She just needs a solution to get away from that guy without hurting him because the guy is genuienly a nice person bt then they dont match through opinions . Plz help

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To: All who are Reading

Dear kirti, we are responding your question just because you made an effort to get an answer, otherwise no problem is seen in this. 
There is no problem is saying someone that we do not wish to live together OR we have much important tasks to do – for family, for the self upliftment, etc..

Essence: So Sweetly explain this to both of them. They both knows love and they should also know that there is much more important things waiting for them. If they REALLY ‘love’ each other, then they should care about, and accept each other’s wise decision. Sacrifice the feeling of separation- because to sacrifice is the greatest form of love.

A husband wife relationship is only formed when both the souls accept each other’s company for their entire life. It is very mature and humble relationship. It is not a play..
Hence no decision should be made in hurry. 
Have patience. Let your life decide what will happen. Everything happens for good . Future will be better.

Love is indeed a godly gift, but it is pure love that sustains the world. If someone becomes pure in their thoughts, words and actions, then he is helping the entire world to become stable. There is much much more importance of Purity (brahmacharya) than to get marry and indulge in vice) – 5 vices are very powerful today . 

Thoughts will come – I want to get marry to someone. But this will soon be transformed into a vice. Love is very good feeling. But then love transforms into a lust – which is a vice. 

In truth there are this 5 vices because of which the world is in sorrow. They also say – Anger is bad for health. But we say that lust is bad for the soul, which is YOU. You are a soul, not this physical body. Soul has its original 7 virtues of Peace, Purity, Love Bliss, Power, Joy and Knowledge.
Know more on 7 virtues of Soul page

Again: Loving someone is a very beautiful feeling. BUT it is a much better to love EVERYONE. We all are brothers among us. We say: World is a family. So love everyone. Why only 1, 2 or only 5 of them. Love all souls, nature, animals and the creator of this world (GOD – the supreme soul)

This is a general answer to your question.


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