Am I (Karma) responsible for what Happened to Me?

Question was asked by Madhuri Chauhan on 20 July 2018.

Om Shanti. I have a long story to tell so please be patient because i really need your help..My father and mother were following gyan and baba for more than 15 years and we have geetapaathshala in our home. They have two daughters, me and my elder sister. My father wished me and my sister to become brahmakumaris. Though he never forced us to go to ashram or to do anything. He left the decision on us. My sister got married in 2010. In 2016, i told my father that i want to marry a boy and that boy does not belong to our caste. My father was very upset with my decision, still he supported me and advised me to do court marriage. Only I and my parents knew about my marriage and i came to canada after marriage. Our relatives had no idea about my marriage. But my father shared his pain with brahmakumari sister of the ashram which we used to visit. He was very upset at that time but very soon he realised that the boy i married is really a good boy and my father and mother were happy for me. We used to talk daily on phone. Then on 21st may 2018 my parents passed away in a car accident. People who were at that place where accident happened told that it was the truck driver’s fault who came from wrong side and hit my parents car. It took me 24hrs to reach india but by that time their antim yatra had already been done and i could not even see them for the last time. Two days later, the brahmakumari sister from the same ashram came to meet me and in front of all my relatives blamed me for sudden death of my parents. She started shouting at me that because of me my father was depressed. The way that sister was talking to me was like i am responsible for that car accident that took my parents lives. I know initially my parents were upset about my love marriage but now they were really happy with my husband and me. My father himself said to me that initially we felt bad but now we are glad with your decision. I just want to know should i believe my father’s words that he said to me or i should believe that brahmakumari sister. Am i really responsible for my parents death? 

Our Answer:

Sweet divine Sister
This is a response to your question and also a Godly sandesh (message).First of all, your father was not upset because of the person with whom you married, but because of that  you decided to marry instead of becoming a brahma kumari . Father was in Gyaan and knew that God has directed to us of complete purity . This is our last birth. World is changing. You can see. But Shiv baba has told never to force your children to not to marry. Hence you father made a correct decision. All is good. You were also happy after marriage. 

Secondly, the one who can go against the Shrimat given in Murli and perform a wrong action (shout in anger), cannot be called a Brahma Kumari.  No one is called a BK only because they live in center away from their family. No.

Instead a BK is one soul who follows the godly advice completely and do purusharth of self upliftment and do world service. One who has left all 5 vices forever (lust, anger, ego, greed, attachment). Only those are BK. 

Third: You are not responsible for anyone other than yourself. Forget the past is past. Whatever happens, is for good only. You will soon get the answer – why was it for good. Trust the World Drama. This is a drama . We all are actors. This has happened 5000 years ago and it is just repeating. Nothing New..

So dear Madhuri, live with your family, with husband, but now you do 1 thing. You parents were a true BK and have followed the shrimat. They wished you to take you inheritance from Shiv baba. So will you not fulfil their dream??You have to take a vow of purity in rest of your life. Living with husband with purity and see each other as a child of same parent (our supreme father, supreme soul) – this is a challenge. Can you take??

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Do visit all above pages . This was a Godly sandesh (message) to you. 
You are not responsible for anything. You are just an actor. And most important, your parents souls take received the knowledge. Wherever they will go and take their next birth, it will be a very good place. This is for sure.


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