How Does Mind and Vibrations of Soul Work ?

This question was asked by Mihika Vyas on 21 July 2018.

Om. Shanti. I just want to know is it true that our vibration reaches the other person. Like if we are missing someone they are also thinking about us ? If are thinking all good and positive they too are thinking the same ? Are vibrations really these strong ? Thank You.

Our Answer:

To: All who are reading
Dear Divine Sister/Brother

Yes. This is true. Our vibrations reaches the one whom we are remembering. For example you remember your mother, then the quality of your thought/s would influence the stage of your mother’s soul . If you send love, then that soul will receive. BUT. The extent upto which some soul receives other’s vibration depend upon many things: The kind of relationship between the two, the present stage of both souls, etc..

If 2 people knows each other since 20 years, then they will receive each other’s vibrations more, compared to those 2 who knows each other since only 1 year. Understood?

Awakening episode – How does mind communicate? – by BK Shivani

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