Love during college days – What should I do?

Question was asked to us by Rima Ghosh via email on 8 July 2018.

Om Shanti. I am Rima Ghosh from Hindmotor. I am now in my 2nd year of B.Tech. I recently came out of a deep emotional relationship with a boy with whom I went in relationship. It lasted for 10 months. But after learning rajyog meditation,I realized my guilt, as Shiv baba said set everyone free from attachment, I set him free from relationship, but he’s not willing to do rajyog, so I decided to break up with him. He got hurt by it very badly I think. Now I’m facing problems while facing him in my class. He doesn’t talk to me. Even I also get hurt by it while I see him in class not talking to me but talking to everyone. I wanted to set him free from attachment of relationship, but I think I’ve hurt him very much. I feel guilty. Please give me some suggestions what should I do in this situation. Om Shanti.

Our Answer:

You have learned Raja Yog. And you have made a right decision, so do not worry. 
We believe that love makes life beautiful and it is true. But love should be pure, selfless and natural. This will be true love. ‘Sacrifice’ is the highest form of love.

God is called – the ocean of love. That love is true, selfless and full of giving. Only love with one God can fulfil us. Dear Rima, Raja Yog is loving our spiritual father. That’s the essence of Rajyog. One whom we love, we remember him again and again. Shiv baba in every murli reminds us one thing – Mujhe Yaad Karo’ – remember me. 

In Geeta also, it is said- ”Leave all the relationships of your body, become free, and remember me alone.  Now this is repeated to entire humanity. World is on the edge of the greatest transformation. Kaliyug (iron age) will be transformed into Satyug (golden age).

** What should You do **

You have now connected your intellect with Shiv baba. Advice is that you should read or listen Murli daily whenever you get time. Murli is our guide. What is Murli

What is Raja Yog
Revelations from Murli:
Transformation Scenes:
Scenes of New world (golden age):

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