Can I Join BK while living at Home?

This question was asked by Lohit Vakada from Andra Pradesh on 1 July 2018.

Om Shanti,Respected Brother/ sister, I’m Lohit from vizianagaram, andhra Pradesh.. Now I’m preparing for IAS exams in Delhi..Crack IAS exam is not my want its my aim .Now I like to start my life as Brahma Kumar.. I’m ready to leave this society. I request you Please suggest me how to join this society. I hope I’ll got replay as on as soonThank you.”

Our Answer:

If you watched video on our About Us page, you will know that majority of BK lives at home only. Only few those who are surrendered, lives at Centres. 
So you can do your loukik study and work, should fulfill all your family responsibilities . While doing so, you regularly listen or read Murli. You can access Murli in 25+ languages here: (daily uploaded)

To become a BK, you do not have to stay at a centre, but have to follow these guidelines given by Shiv baba: How to Join – Guidelines
Also whenever get time, do use these
Online Resources 
In resources, we have everything that will guide you in this spiritual journey (Classes, Sakar and Avyakt Murli audio, guided Raja Yog, eBooks, online store, etc..)

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