Teacher and Students in a college

Question asked by Suoy Das, a college teacher (lecturer) and here is the answer we gave.

Question: How to handle the students when they misbehave? I am a teacher..soft by nature..I am teaching in a public school in Dhanbad Jharkhand…my problem is that I can’t handle students..for this I am being repeatedly reminded by higher authorities…students make fun of me.. All create unrest and tension in me.throughout the day i keep blessing students..but there is no change in my situation..I am very sad for this..I practice meditation daily, listen to murli..but my problem still persists.. Please help..suggest what to do to regain my class control..students are very ill behaved, use abusive language, least interested in studies.. Help me BABA

Our Answer:

Sweet Divine Brother 1. See anger is certainly the weakness of human being. To silent the class, the teacher has to heal the disturbance present in today’s children. Dear brother, we recommend you to use the powers of Raja Yog.  As you have learn this Supreme Yog, through which a Soul is filled with powers and virtues, now you can show it in practical life.  So you should firstly silent your own inner self. When you are stable, you can stable the whole class, all the souls. 

HOW?: Keep a little smile on your face the whole time of class. If noise in class, treat them as your friends and tell that much peace is essential for life. If they don’t listen, be detached and ignore the noise. They will surely learn their lesson. If authority asks you, tell them that students did not listen. Why should you get disturbed for their mistakes?? 

How to See this?You should take this as your test. As your teacher is the highest teacher of universe, the God himself, so as your exam will be – highest and difficult. If you pass this exam, you will get the result, not for 1 or 2 births, but for 21 births (half Kalp).  Here, virtues of Mama will guide you very much. Mamma Saraswati Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNLtBSoU4r0
If a human being follows the path shown by God (the creator and maintainer of world) the he can live happily no matter where and with whom he lives.

** Useful Resources for You **
1. Guided commentaries: https://soundcloud.com/brahmakumaris-bk/sets/rajyoga-meditation-music-commentary 
2. Practice this Swaman daily Morning when you wake up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kYVRgC1PFM&list=PLVTJYOj3fHtHjdxqZhniGRCjWUv6MlRMY&index=2
3. if some student ask, tell them also to learn RajYoga Mediation . When they see the difference in you, they will ask you – What has happened>*

What is Raja Yoghttps://www.brahma-kumaris.com/rajyoga-meditation

Your all questions are answers. See this email again whenever in need.
Save‘ those above links URLs of music, swaman and guided rajayoga.


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