How to protect companion animals from evil powers?

Question by Tania from West Bengal, India. Tania wrote below question to us via email on 10 July 2018.

I am from a small town of West Bengal, India. I love and respect Nature , and all Her honest innocent creations so much ….. more than anything on Earth . I love trees plants animals birds all of them and can do anything for keeping them healthy and happy. Please advice me how i can keep them protected from negative energies sent by haters in our society. Even in my family there are people who dislike animals and birds , and they keep cursing me and my pets all the time. I have felt this cursing negative energies many times on me and even my pets suffer a lot due to such atmosphere. Please show me the bright path of hope and safety . I am so much depressed because of this helplessness . OM SHANTI.

Our Answer:

Sweet Divine Sister
We have received your letter. Reading it, it seems that you are a humble and caring soul. Humble, because you speak truth whenever possible – and – caring, clearly for all living beings. You have contacted to Godly University of Brahma kumaris and may be you also visited a centre nearby your home. That is where you know who we are. Plants and animals are a part of world. Human beings are the superior living beings. Soul of human beings only have intellect to think and decide and hence only us can transform ourself and the nature. 

You wanted to know how you can transfer the atmosphere ?  Understand this first – no one is your enemy. It is good that you love animal, birds. Very good nature.  BUT you are a human being. You must first fulfil your relationships with other human beings. It is possible that in love for animals, you separate yourself from your family, etc.. But no. You want to know how animal world works??

So listen – Entire Nature, animals, etc. all are merely a reflection of human souls nature’. If human beings living in a place are noble, peace giving, etc. then the nature at the place, animals, etc will also become as them.  Opposite also you can imagine. Hence there is no need to think of animals. Nature transforms herself according to the human souls. Thus you have to first transform yourself. Even i love the nature. it is our mother, isn’t it. God is the father. 

Nature is very beautiful. we enjoy our life mostly because of 3 things:
1. Our own virtues and good Karma
2. Beautiful nature
3. Good relationships
So on. Of the 3 factors is nature. Relationship, if you have with others, then I make them pure and loving. 

God is the seed of human world. Know about GOD here:

You have to become very sweet. Just as you love animals and birds, love first all human beings. We all are brother and sisters. God is our father.

Listen to the Murli that we BK listen everyday. You will get to know much wisdom and you will love your new life: – also available in Bengali language 

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