How to handle bad company at work place?

Nandighosh Ashiyana wrote to us the following question on 3 July 2018 :

How to remain in peace if one is surrounded by a number of negative people in the work place, doing all the negative works and expecting the same from you, failing which they try to put you in trouble?

Our Answer/Reply:

Dear Brother
We have received and read your message. So listen. Peace is something which is internal. Soul is full of peace. It is surely a challenge to remain peace and pure in such situation also. But it is possible with the power of Yog.
Only RajYog (Yog with Almighty father- god) can help me to easily cross any situation.So we advice you to learn and practice Swamaan and RajYog both. Swamaan will help you to bring self respect and empower you. 

Swamaan Abhyaas:

Swamaan in English

Learn Raja Yog meditation

Music and guided commentaries


Do ‘Save‘ all above links on your phone or PC. Listen Swaman and Yog music and commentaries. Learning Raja Yog will definitely empower the soul. Do swaman abhyaas 3 times a day at least. This will be the start. Then you can learn Raja Yog with help of given links (commentaries).
Practice and see the result. Write email to us when you do this.


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