What should I do after a Physics graduation degree ?

This question was asked to us by Aditi Joshi on 9 July 2018.Original Question:

I have completed my graduation in physics Hons now I am completely confused about my future, what should I do,I could not find what I exactly Ebates to do, please help me out.

Our Answer:

Dear Divine Sister
That is a question you should ask yourself. Your wisdom is enough. You know what you wish to become. 

But ALWAYS remember, ”Wisdom exist only in a pure intellect. You have to remain pure, free from lust and anger. These are greatest enemies of human beings. These 2 are reason of all sorrow.”You should not see or hear any evil. Be careful. Master yourself and you will do the right for you and everyone. 

If you remain pure in your Thoughts, Words and Actions, then you are helping God to sustain this world – because my child this world exist only on purity. We are not this body – we are a soul – 

About God

Good wishes for you and life. Do make a right decision. What you wish to do in this last birth ?

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