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My family doesn’t allow me to follow Brahma Kumaris (Shiv baba’s shrimat) nor allow to surrender. I want to live a BK lifestyle, do world service and live with celibacy. Also not wish to marry, as my parents says..’ We receive such emails regularly where Kumari or Kumar shares their life experience and seeks for guidance. We give a personal response to eveyrone. But generally, the solution is the same. In this article cum Q and A, you will learn the true meaning of Shiv baba’s shrimat and How should a soul follow this shrimat in life? Everything is explained + links are given for more information.
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Om Shanti bhaiji
Myself Harshita and I am in this Gyan since 6 years but my parents are totally against this Gyan ..Neither they will allowed me to go center nor allowed to follow shrimat such as food… they want to marry me but I can’t do…. Bcoz for me, baba is everything & I want a Bk lifestyle…. I tried a lot but not able to convince them… Now a days they are not allowed me to go outside the home…. What should be done by me to convinced them?
Because center incharge di gave me a shreemat that U will come at center after convinced them.
I don’t want to stay at home…. I want to do service… live a pure brahmakumari life… What should I do to convince them ?
Please Bhaiji suggest something by which I will convince them.
Your sister

Our Email Response + Guidance

For: Brahma Kumari Harshita (and Everyone reading, who has a similar situation in life)
Good Morning
Your letter is received. You are in Gyaan since 6 years. You showed your wish to surrender fully in Yagya. Now listen this.
You already are a surrendered soul. As you follow the shrimat, the one who follows the shrimat are surrendered. Is it possible to follow the shrimat 100% while staying with loukik family and fulfiling loukik responsibility?
Yes. Definitely. There are many examples of this. Most of baba’s children stay at home and study and also do a good service. I am writing this. I also live with loukik family and do all these services. So can you not?
If you find it hard to do Purusharth while staying at your loukik home, then is it a weakness or strength of soul? Who is better?
1. One who does service at centre
2. One who does service while staying at home (with balance in both – loukik and aloukik)
Who will be better?
What does shrimat say? Shrimat says: Become pure and take the Gyaan while staying at your place.
Freedom is given to all – some are comfortable to stay at home and follow 100% shrimat & some are unable to do this and hence they prefer staying at a centre.
One more thing to know – if you stay at centre, then your responsibility increases – because you are now eating from baba’s Bhandara and stay at baba’s home. So you MUST never go against the shrimat or against values of Brahman jeevan. Your life then only is for Purusharth and Service.
If you can do this, then you are free to join the ashram. Baba gives permission. Yet shrimat is given for balance of Loukik and Aloukik. Listen this audio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O1emkO2aZrA5YVe4VxTxiOLq91P44nBT/view?usp=sharing
Make your decision – where will you like to stay? What does your intellect (buddhi) say?
Then we will guide you ahead.
In Godly World Service

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