How to ask seek Forgiveness from Souls?

In meditation, how to get an apology from a soul of a family member who died? Here is our guidance for swamaan and giving them Sakash.

  • Original Question via Email 

Namaskar Brother/Sister 

  1. how to get apology from the dead family members?
  2. how can I ask for apology from them (my late grandmother, my late parents)

Hoping for your kind help. 


Our Email Response 

To: Gurmeet Kaur (and Everyone reading this)
From: Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Your letter is received. You wish to know how to send peace and love to souls who left their body. In other words, you wish to ask for forgiveness. So here is your guide. 

Forgiveness means Acceptance + Understanding. So they accept your mistake and you give them the light of peace and harmony. This way, your karmic account will not develop ahead and both you and that soul shall feel light.  

* Steps * 

  1. Wake up early morning and sit first in silence. Try to focus you mind on single thought. ”I am asoul..I am a Soul..”
  2. Practice thisswamaan: (Video commentaries) 
  1. Then imagine the persons in front of you (whom you ask for forgiveness – your grandparents,etc..)
  1. Imagine the soul shining in thecentreof their forehead. Then send them the energy of love and peace. And with your heart, you truely say them ‘sorry’. 

Is that clear? 

Practice Swamaan daily morning. This is enhance your concentration power and Soul consciousness.  

What is Raja Yoga meditation?: 

Here are some videos and a forum post that shall guide you. 

Video 1 

How to forgive the self? – BK Shivani: 

Video 2: 

How they can forgive me? – BK Shivani: 

Video 3 

How does forgiveness work? – BK Shivani:


FORUM POST reference 

Do watch all 3 videos and visit and read the reference also 🙂 

In Godly World Service

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