How to become a Brahma Kumar while in family

How can I live a life of a Brahma Kumar while living with my family? How to convince my family that I don’t want to marry. This is our guidance on Purity/celibacy or Brahmacharya. A way to live the life as great in the line of Shiv baba’s Shrimat. Guidelines for Brahma Kumari or Kumari living with their loukik family
  • Original Email we Received
Dear Sir,
My Body name is Bhaveesh Kumar. My body is 28 years old, I am working as a computer engineer in a company of Gurugram, I am very fortunate to write this letter, because I am writing a letter where God Himself Come and give knowledge. I have a very complex problem. I believe that the correct answer can be found only from you, so I am writing the letter directly to you.
My problem is that I do not want to get married because I want to live my life in the spiritual path in celibacy and I am insisted by family to marry, but I do not want to marry in any condition.Sir My request is to guide me – that I should not even get married and the family is also happy. And also tell me how live a life of a Brahma Kumar
Thank you
Our Email Response + Guidance
To: Everyone reading who have similar question
From: On behalf of Shiv baba
It is very nice that you are aware and know the greatness of Celibacy / Purity / Brahmcharya in life. Hence you wish to remain a kumar. Is it your strong feeling?
The answer is simple and direct – Shiv baba has said – ”You must not have even a little wish to marry.” To marry, means to invite and challenge Maya (5 vikar). In this great time of Sangam yug, a soul marries with the Supreme soul (Shiv baba). This is called ‘Sangam’
This is also a Sangam (confluence) of Kaliyug (old world) and Satyug (new world). God comes in this time to re-create the new world. We are his children.
Till the end of this email, you shall understand how you can become a Brahma Kumari. So focus and read.
Brahma Kumari means a Kumar of Prajapita Brahma, through whom Shiv baba gives us the inheritance of heaven. ”Brahma dwara Satyug ki sthapana”
Shiv baba gives the knowledge (speaks the Murli) through the medium of Brahmababa and adopts us and hence we are called Brahma Kumari or Kumar.
Hence, as you follow the shrimat given in murli by Shiv baba, you are a Brahma Kumar. Shrimat is also simple – Purity and RajYog – ”Pavitra bano, RaajYogi bano” – ”Become pure, Become a RajYogi”. So can you become pure and follow the shrimat while living with family and fulfilling all your duties? It is difficult according to the karma accounts one has with their family. But when we connect our buddhi (intellect) with Shiv baba, this becomes easy. With time, the path to victory will be cleared. This is the best way.
The aim of this last Sangam yug birth is to become like a deity (Lakshmi and Narayan) and service to the world – to establish the religion of peace in entire world.

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