10 methods for practicing 5 forms of Soul (Panch Swaroop)

As Avyakt BapDada guided, here are 10 methods to practice the 5 forms of Soul (Point of light, Deity, Worshipped idol, Brahmin, Angel)

Om shanti,
Divine brothers & sisters,

On the good occasion of Navratri, I am sharing baba’s another new project – 5 forms practice using ten methods to Brahmin family for self-progress (purusharth) through intense effort in this year of completion (samapti varsh). In this project, ten various types of 5 forms practice method is depicted which if practiced can benefit ourselves and others. Therefore it is very essential to be shared to those in connection.

In the picture, you are seeing the 5 forms we take:

1. Soul – point of light present in silence home. 2. Deity form (corporeal perfect form in the golden age). 3. Worshipped form (our form as praised during bhakti for worshipping. 4. Brahmin form (our present simple corporeal form in which we are doing purusharth. 5. Angel (our light form in subtle world for subtle service).

5 forms of Soul - BK

These 10 methods are as follows:

1) Basic Five forms practice
2) Five forms practice through three stages
3) Sakash to five forms rosary through five forms
4) Five forms practice through seven virtues
5) Five forms practice through eight powers
6) Five forms practice through various trinity relations
7) Sakash to five vices through five forms
8) Sakash to five elements through five forms
9) Sakash to five stages through five forms
10) Sakash to world through five forms with Aadi ratnas.

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Five Forms of Soul and its Practice (in Detail)

Just as in 11th Chapter of Gita Shri Krishna gave vision of Virat Vishwa swarup (Enormous World form) to Arjuna, in a similar way the compilation of ten methods of five forms is an enormous weapon, powerful drill, Shivastra (weapon of Shiva), God bomb, powerful swadarshan chakra through which ten vices in the form of 10 heads of Ravana can be destroyed, can get 100% rid of waste thought, speech, attitude, vision, action and vices ( 5 of male and 5 of female ) and able to gain victory over it for half the cycle and come in 1-1-1 at the beginning of Satyuga.

Bapdada has specially mentioned on 5 form practice in 30-11-10 Avyakt vani that today Bapdada is teaching an exercise to keep your mind constant and stable. Throughout day perform this 5 forms exercise at least for 5 seconds to 5 minutes every hour, whatever forms you think about, experience that in your mind, make your mind busy. This will make your mind healthy and powerful.

Whatever form you bring in front of you, you will experience its specialty. Waste incorrect thoughts will vanish. Performing this exercise repeatedly, you will become intoxicated while doing your work because the Father’s mantra is also Manmanabhav (Connect your mind with me). Your mind will become a weapon for you to become a conqueror of Maya, mind intellect and sanskars will follow the orders, can easily be able to put full stop, will become conqueror of mind and world, sanskar will become equal to Father. Then Bapdada asked to fix a date that Bapdada will have a ceremony for those who had a thought and put it into practical form accordingly that is who become complete according to their date. If you go fast having come last and show everyone, then your day of intense effort will be celebrated at the Centre. We will hold a function.

Fortunately, this soul got advantage of listening this valuable versions of Bapdada through his
mouth followed by eye meeting and receiving his blessings on stage as a resultant since then
I am earning benefits through the five forms practice and now not only I have obtained this
golden opportunity of doing version churning and extract butter in the form of essence but
also a chance to create re-awareness of that special version amongst every brahmin soul.

On God fatherly service,
BK Anil Kumar

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Download or View Full PDF

Five Forms of Soul and its Practice (in Detail)

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