7 Days Raja Yoga Video course in TELUGU

Telugu 7 days Raja Yoga (RajYog) meditation course in Videos- Brahma Kumaris Godly University. 7 రోజులు రాజ్యోగ్ కోర్సు . Videos from YouTube.

Videos covers: Soul, Supreme Soul (father of all souls), World Drama cycle, 84 births, essence of Raja Yog, 7 virtues, what is mind and intellect.

Day 1: ఆత్మ (Soul) – Introduction of Soul

Day 2: దేవుడు (GOD – The Supreme Father)- Part 1

Day 2: దేవుడు (GOD – The Supreme Father of all Souls)- Part 2

Day 2: దేవుడు (GOD – The Supreme Father of all Souls – Name and Form)- Part 3

Day 3: World Drama Cycle ప్రపంచ డ్రామా చక్రం

Days (4 to 6): Basic of Raja Yoga (essence)

Day 6: Soul and its Virtues ఆత్మ మరియు సద్గుణాలు

Day 7: Raja Yoga Meditation

General: What is Mind? మనస్సు ఏమిటి

General: What is Intellect ?

Telugu 7 days course in PDF

To watch videos in HINDI and ENGLISH – Click Here


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