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Accommodation at Mount Abu (madhuban)- requirements & procedure – How can you stay at the main centre.of Brahma Kumaris Godly University.

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As you may know, the Madhuban (forest of honey) is the central place for all brahman (BKs) and many of us since we came in Gyaan have come and visited Abu. But for those who just came (new students), and wish to know the direction or procedure to come and stay in madhuban, we have made the following points to be noted:


1. You must have become a regular Godly student and are a follower of most, if not all principles and guidelinesset according to the shrimat of murli. You should be in Gyaan since at least 6 months.

2. Being a Godly student, you would be listening or reading the murli via any means (going to a nearby centre, via internet, tv, etc)

3. You took a vow of purity in this last birth. Purity is our main subject and is the MUST requirement of anyone who wish to stay in Madhuban as a BK student. It is the main quality of a brahman soul, hence if you wish to stay in madhuban (garden of God), then you must be living a life with complete celibacy in terms of guidelinesgiven by Shiv baba to us.

All above 3 are requirements to describe yourself as a godly student. Hence you can now come to madhuban for a short or long stay.

* Procedure:

1. There are different turns in which all the states of India are covered. Turn by turn, the BK brother and sisters of particular states are welcomed to stay in madhuban. This happens for the entire year for dates of Avyakt Milan.

2. If someone wish to come on their own date, they can also come. They need a letter written by their regional centre (with their name and details) saying that the brother or sister is a BK since this many years, have been living with purity and is regular in study.

When you have obtained such letter from the nearest centre to you (regional), then you should prepare the stay (accommodation). We have many buildings where you can book your stay. You DO NOT need to pay any money for the period of stay. It is free, and the RajaYog course and classes are free as well. This is the service in which everything is for your benefit for which, God does not ask you to give anything accept your weaknesses. Hence we ask everyone to leave their all weakness when they return from madhuban. Weakness is referred to the 5 vices (anger,lust,greed,ego,attachment). Do spiritual effort and study (knowledge) which guides us. Yog with Shiv baba, is the prime source of powers for the soul.

How to Book the Stay (a room) ?

Shantivan complex and Manmohini complex are made for accommodation for visitor brothers and sisters around the world. We have plenty of space and in the big heart of baba, you can live safe, in the shadow of Almighty Shiv baba.

You can book your stay with a phone call to any of the accommodation house of madhuban.

Mainlines are:

+91 02974-238788 (BK Naresh, Gyan Sarovar Accommodation)

+91 94141 51111 (Om Shanti Bhawan /Pandav Bhawan)

+91 999 934 4666 (Shantivan Accommodation telephone)

+91 94140 03041 (Gyan Sarovar)

Song: Baba Mujhe Apne Madhuban Me Bula Lo

You are now welcome to Madhuban, the sweet forest of honey, the home and a personal garden of Allah (god/Ishwar)

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