GOD OF GODS the Movie

God of Gods is a spiritual film created by Prajatpita Brahma Kumaris – Films and media department. Written and filmed by BK Venkatesh. This movie will give the true understanding of the self (soul), of God (the supreme soul) and this eternal World Drama. Movie is set to release by the end of year 2018 and it is the first ever film made on Shiv baba and world drama cycle.

This film will be a beautiful and meaning story of human souls who took a journey of 5000 years within 4 distinct ages (Golden, silver, copper, iron). This is the story of victory and defeat, rise and fall, of knowledge and ignorance, of us human souls. Revealed by the God father, our most beloved Shiv baba, in Murli, through prajapita brahma. Welcome to the God fatherly university for liberation in life for all the souls.

Watch the trailers of the movie (God of Gods) in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Watch in Hind – हिन्दी मे देखे

Watch in English

Watch in Tamil – தமிழ்

Watch in Telugu – తెలుగులో చూడండ

Watch in Malayalam

Visit the official website for God of Gods the movie: godofgodsthemovie.com

In world spiritual service of Shiv baba

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